Baton Rouge Commercial Contractors and Premium Home Builders

The cost of building your home shouldn’t have to come at a premium. Home builders like E. Jacob Fa-Kouri Construction believe the building process goes beyond brick and mortar, beyond bottom lines. We believe in building on your dreams and making them a reality.

To build the home of your dreams, it takes a special pact between homeowner and home builder to do more than just complete a project – to ensure it’s done right. More than anything, it takes a willingness to listen to those dreams. It’s as true today as it was when we first started building more than three decades ago.

Some things never change.

Building on Louisiana’s Dreams

The ability to adapt is what makes us human. At E. Jacob Fa-Kouri Construction, it’s also what makes us tick. We’ve been building quality homes and businesses in southeast Louisiana for 36 years, and we’re still building today.

Be it E. Jacob Construction for commercial development or Fa-Kouri Construction on residential builds, our specialty divisions are all part of the same quality reputation Jacob started building as a young boy who wanted nothing more than to learn from his father.

Whichever name you know us by, our philosophy is the same. We use quality materials, unmatched expertise and proven techniques for long-lasting durability and beauty that we would live in ourselves. Anything less just wouldn’t be Fa-Kouri.