Aging in Place

Aging in Place Construction Keeps You Moving

A forever home is just that;

one that you can enjoy living in for your entire life. As we age though, some of the tasks that were once easy for us can become difficult. Walking, gripping items, and navigating stairways can become hazardous as we grow older.

At E. Jacob Construction we build and remodel homes to accommodate your needs and abilities by using aging in place construction. Rather than change your lifestyle or move into a new place when you grow older, you can build or remodel your home and maintain your independence.

Whether you want to develop a custom home or remodel your current one, we will meet with you to discuss your specific mobility, safety, and comfort concerns. From there, we ensure your home is perfect for you.

Building Your Forever Home

We build homes that work for people of all ages and abilities from the start. With hallways that accommodate a wheelchair to outlets that are easy to reach, our homes are built with you in mind.

In addition to building houses to meet universal design standards, we also customize homes for unique needs. When your home needs to function for you, we listen and plan a space that meets your requirements.

When you need a forever home, we are here to design one with our custom aging in place construction service. With a home from E. Jacob Construction, you can live comfortably in your home for your entire life.

Remodeling Your Home

From minor modifications to full-scale residential remodeling, E. Jacob Construction can help you live comfortably in your own home.

When you love to cook but find it difficult to bend over, we will make your kitchen user-friendly with appliances and cabinets that are within arms reach. When you are having trouble navigating your restroom, we will install grab bars and remodel the space for easy access.

Aging in place remodeling does more than make your home more functional – it helps you stay safe. Proper lighting, level ground, and manageable spaces can reduce accidents in the home. Call E. Jacob Construction to remodel you home for your safety.

Commercial Remodeling

These safety and security needs don’t end in the home. E. Jacob Construction specializes in making restaurant, retail, and office spaces more accessible for those with limited mobility. We can make alterations to existing commercial properties or develop a project with aging-in-place requirements in mind.

Our Residential Construction Capablities

In addition to being experienced quality home builders, Baton Rouge’s E. Jacob Construction performs a variety of specialty construction and other services: