Restoration and Reconstruction

Water Damage Restoration and Fire Damage Restoration for Your Home or Business

No one can prepare for everything

Flash floods, broken pipes, and electrical fires are all disasters that can affect your home without warning. Living in Louisiana, you also frequently face the risk of high water from hurricanes and heavy rain, which are common and devastating events in the South.

Water Damage Restoration

When your house is affected by water damage, you need someone to help you rebuild your home. At E. Jacob Construction, we help you get your life back on track after a disaster by restoring your property with water damage restoration services. We have years of experience restoring water damaged homes, and understand that we are not only rebuilding your house but also your safety and security.

Getting you back into your home safely is our top priority and making sure the experience is stress free is a next. We walk you through the rebuilding process one step at a time. Our skilled water damage restoration team is here for you at every corner so your rebuild goes smoothly.

Fire Damage Restoration

Jacob Construction is also well versed in fire damage restoration. From expelling smoke odor to ensuring the integrity of your property’s structure, we take fire damage restoration services seriously.

Our first and top priority is always ensuring your and your family’s safety. From the moment we step in your door, we assess your home’s structure and take the proper precautions in stabilizing it before moving on to restoring the rest of your home. Our certified fire damage restoration team gets your property back to it’s pre-disaster condition in the safest manner possible.

Residential and Commercial Restoration Services

For residential and commercial properties with fire or water damage, call E. Jacob Construction. Our skilled team restores your home or business back to normal with proven techniques and a focus on your safety and needs.